Amber Talks About the Late Sulli for the First Time
Amber for the first time talked about the late Sulli. The topic of the late Sulli was discussed when Amber was a guest on the 'CBS This Morning' program.

Through the United States television program, Amber said, "Sulli was like a ball of joy. She was always so cute, so rebellious, she was quirky. We had this joke that she's my little brother and I'm her older brother. Sulli was great and I miss her a lot right now. To be really honest, still processing a lot of it." 

"Sulli was always a very like she'll read a comment or she'll see something really get hurt by it but then get over it within the next couple hours and I always thought she was really cool for that."

Regarding netizens' bad comments towards her, "But after she was going through some image changes and taking on new, different types of jobs, it's definitely not the image that she started out with and I think that change was very surprising to people." 

"I always just thought it was just like  just let her live. Let her be an artist, let her be an actress. That's what art is, it's an expression, you can't expect the same thing from the same person constantly." 

"When I would see articles about the next, 'What did Sulli do now' or something, I was just like why is this a big deal? This is a girl, just living her life. That's how I thought about it at least." said the idol.

After left SM Entertainment, Amber is currently undergoing her career as a soloist in the United States. (

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