EXO's Chen Wrote Letter to Fans After Announcing Will Married Soon
EXO's Chen released a letter to his fans after confirmed would get married soon. On Monday (13/01) EXO fans were shocked by the official announcement from SM Entertainment.

Through the letter, Chen wrote, "I'm writing this because I have something to tell fans. I don't know how to start this, and I'm very nervous. Even though words aren't enough, I'm writing this letter because I want to tell fans who gave us lots of love for the first time."

"I have a girlfriend who I want to spend my lifetime with. I am worried about the situation that will arise as a result of this decision, but I've discussed with our agencies and members because I want to announce the news at least a little earlier so that I will not surprise you with sudden news.”

"Then, a blessing came to me. I was also surprised, because I couldn't do what I planned with the agency and the members, but this blessing gave me more strength.”

"I can't lose any more time thinking about when or how I should announce this, so I gathered my courage.
I truly thank my members for congratulating me after hearing this news, and I am very grateful to our fans for sending me so much love that I did not deserve."

"I will never forget this feeling of gratitude, do my best in my position without changing, and restore the love you have given me. Thank you always,"
he wrote. (www.onkpop.com)

EXO's Chen Wrote Letter to Fans After Announcing Will Married Soon

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