Cherry Bullet Detained in the Philippines Due to The Eruption of Mount Taal
Cherry Bullet can't return to South Korea due to the catastrophic eruption of Mount Taal in the Philippines. The news was announced directly by FNC Entertainment through an official statement on Monday (13/01).

The agency said, "We attended the 24th Television Asian Television Awards in Manila, Philippines, on January 11 and 12, and a mountain erupted near the city of Manila. Members and staff are at the hotel in safe conditions and are monitoring the situation carefully.”

"They were actually scheduled to take off to Korea on January 13, 2020, but because the airport was closed, they were only able to return after the situation back normal. We sincerely hope that there is no damage and loss experienced by local residents and fans. We will do our best so that Cherry Bullet can return safely."

Mount Taal is known to experience an eruption on Sunday night January 12, 2020 local time. The eruption of the volcano blew steam, ash and gravel reaching 10 to 15 kilometers into the sky.

So far there has been no news of fatalities from the volcano eruption, and residents near the eruption site have been evacuated to safety. (
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