MAMAMOO Wins The Fifth Trophy for 'HIP' at 'Show Champion'
MAMAMOO won the fifth trophy from a music program. This fifth trophy was obtained by MAMAMOO on the latest episode 'Show Champion' which aired on Wednesday (04/12).

Through the episode 'Show Champion', MAMAMOO's new song titled 'HIP' managed to rank first. The song 'HIP' by MAMAMOO surpassed AOA's 'Come See Me', ASTRO's 'Blue Flame', IU's Blueming' and EXO's 'Obsession'.

This is the fifth trophy MAMAMOO has won through a music program since holding a comeback with the album 'reality in BLACK'.

MAMAMOO could not welcome the trophy directly on the 'Show Champion', beacause that on December 4, 2019, MAMAMOO was in Japan for the '2019 MAMA' award event. Congratulations MAMAMOO! (

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