Former YG Creative Director Reveals The Full List of Fee for Chart Manipulation Service
Since Park Kyung mention the chart manipulation or sajaegi, more people in the industry opened up about it and spilled little secrets one by one. Recently, SJ "SINXITY" Shin, YG Entertainment's former creative director who is now the CEO of his own entertainment, leaked new facts about the chart manipulation.

Shin shared on his personal Instagram a photo of the actual price list of one of many agency in Korea. He explained the pricing chart became "an estimate of digital marketing".

The estimate includes a number of manipulation services for various charts and websites plus the daily/hourly fee of using each service. This specialized service company not only provides music streaming chart manipulation, but also provides increased search for different keywords and offers for content exposure.

"This is a digital marketing estimate that I confiscated. We don't know who uses a manipulation system, but we can logically believe that such a system exists. I just shared my personal opinion about the sajaegi in last week's post. But don't think lightly about it. Please remember this industry has existed for decades, with unfair competition and pure spirit of coexistence," he wrote in the caption.

According to this pricing list, it costs up to 5 Million Won per hour to raise an artist's name to rank in the "Top 10 Most Searched" category on one of Korea's biggest search engines. The biggest cost is around 250 Million Won per day, for an artist to enter the "Top 50" on one of Korea's major music streaming applications. The following details of the price list leaked by Shin:

1. Keyword Improvement : 5 million Won (per hour) / will be ranked in the Top 10 Most Search
2. Chart Top 100 : 88 million Won (per day) / will rank in the Top 100 for a day
3. Chart Top 50 : 250 million Won (per day) / will rank in the Top 50 for a day
4. Music Chart : 30 million Won (1 day guaranteed) / will rank in the Top 50
5. Music Chart : 50 million Won (1 day guaranteed) / will rank in the Top 10
6. Increased Keywords (Most Search) : 4 million Won (per hour) / will be trend as keywords
7. Live Chart : 50 million Won (per hour) / (+10% per day to maintain) an additional 50 million Won
8. Live Chart : 80 million Won (per hour) / (+10% perday to maintain) an additional 80 million Won
9. Main Content : 8 million Won (per case) / will encourage to entered as the main content
10. Main Content Exposure : 70 million Won (per case) / will encourage to entered as the main content

SJ Sinxity Shin added that there is no net "genre" of this service. He points out that it is not always one type of music / artist that uses this service as well as there is no safe zone when it comes to this manipulation.

"It's a big mistake to think that only 'certain types of music' will use the services of strategy to manipulate graphics. Pop, K-Pop ... There are no safe zones." the sound of the upload.

Meanwhile, K-Pop fans are still surprised by the many agencies that "promote" their artists in this way. In addition, they cannot wait for an actual investigation to be revealed and reveal the truth behind which artists and agencies might have paid their digital marketing fees to claim an unfair place on the chart. (

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