8D Creative Agency Denies Kang Hye Won Entered IZ*ONE by Cheating
8D Creative has denied rumors that say Kang Hye Won entered the group IZ*ONE for bribery. On Friday (06/12) South Korean media named 8D Creative as one of the agencies that bribed PD Ahn Joon Young, besides Starship Entertainment and Woollim Entertainment.

That made a lot of people speculate that Kang Hye Won from 8D Creative entered IZ*ONE by cheating.

Responding to the report, 8D Creative immediately released the official statement, "The former Ryu employee mentioned in the article did work for our agency for a while, but he left last year. After that, Ryu sent trainees from his agency to 'Produce X101'. The problem mentioned in the article has absolutely nothing to do with the 8D Creative artist."

Ryu is one of the 8 perpetrators of Produce X101's manipulation voting which was previously examined by the police. Ryu reportedly became one of the agency's representatives who gave bribes to PD Ahn Joon Young.

However, based on a statement from the 8D Creative, the bribe was given by Ryu to Ahn Joon Young when he was no longer at the 8D Creative. Ryu also sent trainees from his own agency to join the 'Produce X101' program and not the 'Produce 48' program.

So the 8D Creative made sure that Kang Hye Won didn't get into the IZ*ONE group in a cheating way. (www.onkpop.com)
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