This is Goo Hara's Last Chat with Her Brother Before Died
News of Goo Hara's death still being the public spotlight. The former Kara member was found in a lifeless condition by a housekeeper at her home in Cheongdam, Seoul, at around 6 pm local time on November 24.

Following the obituary, a chat between Goo Hara and her brother was revealed. On November 27th, Hara's brother revealed one of their latest KakaoTalk chats as follows:

Brother: Please, oppa ask you not to think about bad things, don't get sick, take care of your health, and let time pass so that later you can get married, have a baby, and live the long life you still have. Cry when you're sad and let go. I know you won't be able to let go of everything but, I love you, my sister.

Goo Hara: I love you, oppa. Don't worry.

Brother: You must be very sad. My heart is also very sad and it kills me. Eat delicious food when you are in Japan and fighting.

This conversation immediately caught the attention of netizens. Many said they were sad to see how much her brother cared for Hara.

"This is very sad. Her brother's heart must be in pain. Hopefully she rests peacefully. Please don't be a celebrity in your next life, live normally instead," 

"You're not frequently see siblings say, 'I love you.' each other, so imagine how deep their love is and how shocking this is to her brother, "

"Imagine the pain was so severe that she could not even fulfill her promise to her own family. He must have been very worried about Hara after Sulli's death. So much sadness over the despair in her words," 

"So she has a brother and she seems love him very much. I'm sure Hara also suffered because she could not keep her promise to her brother. Rest in peace," (

This is Goo Hara's Last Chat with Her Brother Before Died
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