Taeha Create Instagram Account and Openly Talks About Departure from MOMOLAND
Taeha has created an official Instagram account after leaving the MOMOLAND girl group. As fans know, MLD Entertainment has just announced that Taeha and Yeonwoo have left MOMOLAND to pursue their respective careers.

Although Yeonwoo continued her career under the MLD Entertainment as an actress, Taeha decided to terminate her exclusive contract with the agency.

Now on Saturday (11/30), Taeha created an Instagram account using the username @tx__xhx and uploaded her first photo.

While uploading the photo, Taeha wrote, "As a member of MOMOLAND, I have gotten a lot of love, and I'm very happy because there are you guys by my side."

"Through various activities, I can feel and experience many things that I might not have gotten if not with MOMOLAND, so I feel very grateful. Thank you for being by my side and making me shine."

"I will not forget the gratitude that I feel now, and I will greet you in the future with good music through my new beginning. Please wait for me and keep giving your support. Thank you,"
she wrote.

After being left by Taeha and Yeonwoo, MOMOLAND will now undergo their activities with 6 members. (www.onkpop.com)

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