Suzy Meet Again With This 'Dream High' Cast After 4 Years
Suzy recently met a ‘Dream High’ cast after 4 years. On November 10, 2019 yesterday, actor Uhm Ki Joon uploaded his photo with Suzy on his Instagram account.

As he uploaded the photo on Instagram, the actor wrote, "It's been a long time, hehe. It's been around 4 years."

Uhm Ki Joon was one of the actors in the popular drama 'Dream High' in 2011, who played the character of a teacher named Kang Oh Hyuk. While Suzy plays the character of a student named Go Hye Mi.

Suzy and Uhm Ki Joon last met in 2014, when Suzy watched the musical 'Werther' starring him. Currently actor Uhm Ki Joon is also busy starring in several musicals, namely 'Rebecca' and 'Dracula'. (

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