Netizen Comments to CL Predicted Will Difficult to Success After Leaving YG Entertainment
CL decided not to renew her contract with YG Entertainment. This 2NE1 member officially resigned from the agency.

CL debuted as leader and rapper of 2NE1 in 2009 and has worked for YG Entertainment for 10 years. She became one of the most popular K-Pop stars with a strong group concept through hits such as "Fire", "Lollipop" and "I Don't Care". She released the single "Hello Bitches" as a solo singer in 2013.

CL made a breakthrough in the United States by creating trends in various fields including music and fashion. She is the first Korean female solo artist to join the "Billboard Hot 100" chart in October 2016, leaving a significant footprint in the history of Korean pop music.

CL has achieved many things during her time with YG Entertainment. But in recent years, she has focused more on her activities in United States rather than domestic. Fans complained because CL never released new music until finally she decided to left YG.

After leaving YG, CL's future fate became the media spotlight. Prediction appears that she will have difficulty achieving success as when she was still with YG, especially after a long hiatus.

But netizens said differently. Many consider CL's decision to leave YG was right. CL is said to have many talents and staying at YG only holds back her success. They hope CL will find the right agency to continue her career. Some even hope that Sandara Park will catch up with CL and 2NE1 will rise again.

"At this point, if Sandara leaves, can we see 2NE1 in full formation again? Please reunite 2NE1," commented netizens. "I really hope The Black Label (YG's subsidiary) becomes independent. It would be better if Dara, Minzy, Park Bom and CL join them," added another netizen.

"YG has indeed made her what she is now, but CL will not succeed without the potential, talent, and charisma of the stars in her. If she joins a label that focuses on the right promotion and produces good music, I'm sure she will do her best,"
concluded the other. (
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