Jane Makes an Instagram Account on MOMOLAND's Debut Anniversary
Jane becomes the next MOMOLAND member to makes an official Instagram account. Her Instagram account with the username @janeeexxyeon was launched on Sunday (11/10), coincide with the celebration of MOMOLAND's third debut anniversary.

The first photo she uploaded on her Instagram account was a photo of the fingers of a MOMOLAND member forming a star.

While uploading the photo, Jane wrote, "November 10, 2016, MOMOLAND, Merry, survived the third birthday. You guys have waited a long time right? Today I opened an Instagram account. I've also been waiting for this day," she wrote.

Besides that Jane also uploaded polaroid photos with her beautiful selfies. When writing this article, Jane's Instagram account has been followed by more than 11 thousand fans. (www.onkpop.com)

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