Goo Hara's Agency in Japan Releases Official Statement
Production Ogi as Goo Hara's agency has released their official statement. Even though Goo Hara is not tied to an agency in Korea, it is known that she recently signed a contract with Production Ogi, agency in Japan.

Through 8D Creative intermediary in South Korea, Goo Hara's agency in Japan said, "We want to convey a sad and tragic news. Goo Hara's family members and friends are really feeling shocked and sad right now."

"Therefore, we sincerely ask you not to write speculative messages and spread rumors. In addition, we ask the media and fans not to make phone calls to express their condolences."

"We apologize for having to deliver this sudden news, and we once again apologize to the media and fans for not making phone calls to the family," the agency said. (
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