Closest Person Said Goo Hara Felt Lonely When Solo Promotion In Japan
Goo Hara was found dead at her home in Cheongdam, Seoul. Previously, Goo Hara was found did a suicide around last May. However, not long after that incident, Goo Hara was reported recovered and had even joined the famous Japanese agency, Production Ogi. Together with the agency, Goo Hara is ready to comeback to activities,

Hara finally returned to promote as a solo singer on September 24 with the release of the song titled "Midnignt Queen". Not only that, she also even held a solo concert tour in Japan entitled "HARA Zepp Tour 2019-Hello-".

But despite looking happy when promoting again, a person closest to Hara said that the singer actually felt lonely. In an interview with Korean median outlet Osen, Goo Hara's closest person revealed how Hara felt a lot of loneliness when she promoted individually in Japan and Korea throughout 2019.

"She must have felt a lot of loneliness without an agency in Korea. From what I understand, after she contracted with a Korean agency before it ended, she focused on promoting Japan. So there aren't many people who often deal with her. I think she must be lonely," said the closest person Goo Hara was reported from Osen.

The agency itself revealed it would hold a closed funeral procession. But they still have to communicate first with Goo Hara's parents and family.

"There is nothing we can say at this time, but we plan to hold a funeral in private," the representative continued. "After all we have to talk to Goo Hara's parents and family." (

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