Sulli Have Frequently Asks Agencies to Sue Netizens Who Make Bad Comments
Sulli is reported to have often asked SM Entertainment to sue netizens who make nasty comments.

Through an exclusive interview with Busan Report media on Tuesday (15/10), a resource person from South Korean entertainment industry said that so far Sulli had suffered from nasty comments from netizens.

He said, "Sulli has to go through a hard time because of malicious comments. She continues to ask her agency to take action to deal with these comments."
Sulli reportedly asked the manager for this. Although SM Entertainment plans to take legal action for the makers of malicious comments against the artist in 2018, shortly afterwards they said that a netizen who made the hate comments came from abroad so that it was difficult to follow up.

The resource person also said that the management system in large agencies must be better organized, so that they can still pay the same attention to their unpopular artists. (

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