'Night of TV Entertainment' Release Sulli's Last Pers Moment
SBS program "Night of TV Entertainment" on the latest episode which aired Tuesday (10/15) did not miss participating in discussing the sudden and shocking death of the 1994-born idol.

"Night of TV Entertainment" revealed Sulli's last press moment before she died when she attended the "Film Society Talk" on October 5, about 9 days before the news of her death.

Sulli seemed to share her thoughts after watching the film. "I am the type that easily trusts others. But lately, the world has become a difficult place to trust anyone. As someone who is easy to trust people, after watching this movie, I think maybe becoming more suspicious of others is the right thing to do." Sulli said.

"Night of TV Entertainment" also revealed that the day before she passed away, Sulli had been seen posting behind the scenes' photos of the process of filming her latest ad. She also briefly considered acting in the film "Persona 2" Netflix.

Sulli's death news does bring deep sorrow to public. Many netizens have affirmed that Sulli did not die by suicide but was "killed" by hate comments and the media who wrote many bad articles about her.

Meanwhile, Sulli's body is reportedly going to be autopsied by the police to find the exact cause of her death even though many local media have reported that the "Goblin" singer died after hanging herself. Sulli's autopsy was carried out with the approval of the family. (www.onkpop.com)
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