'Night Of Hate Comments' Program Is Officially Stopped After Sulli's Death
After reaping controversy, the program 'Night of Hate Comments' has finally been officially stopped. 'Night Of Hate Comments' is a program on JTBC that was previously performed by the late Sulli as one of the MCs.

Through this program, the MCs and guest stars read various hate comments written by netizens. The initial purpose of this program was to give awareness to all the dangers of negative comments made to celebrities.

But after Sulli ended her life on October 14, many netizens criticized 'Night of Hate Comments' program for being considered one of the triggers for the death of the idol.

Now on Monday (10/21) JTBC announced, "The Night of Hate Comments Program will end with the 16th episode which aired on the 11th of October."

"After learning the sad news from one of the main MCs 'Night of Hate Comments' and after pondering the direction of this program, we decided to stop it because the program could not be continued after the late Sulli left the MC position."

"We will remember our program with Sulli who is confident and beautiful as an honor, and we hope that she can rest in peace."

"We want to thank viewers who care about the 'Night of Hate Comments' program and sympathize with our intention to increase everyone's concern for malicious comments,"
said JTBC. (www.onkpop.com)
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