NCT Taeyong Meets and Apologizes to the Victims of Bullying Directly
NCT Taeyong was recently reported to have apologized to victims of bullying. The news was reported exclusively by Wikitree media on Saturday (12/10), which said Taeyong had met with victims of bullying at his school on October 11 yesterday.

Wikitree reported that Taeyong immediately met his classmates in middle school when he returned to Korea on October 11, after completing promotional activities with SuperM abroad.

Representatives from Wikitree also claimed to be present at the location, when Taeyong conveyed his apology to the victim.

Previously Taeyong was accused of bullying his schoolmates, when there was a former junior high classmate who claimed to have been verbally bullied by Taeyong.

First, Taeyong reportedly wrote malicious comments about the weight of his classmates in the group photo uploaded on social media. The victim then accused Taeyong of having participated in bullying in groups, which was later confirmed by other classmates.

Most recently, Taeyong was accused of writing malicious comments against a gay student in his class. But this victim later admitted that at that time he was a close friend of Taeyong, so he did not feel offended.

When meeting with the victim, Taeyong said, "I am disappointed because this is the first time I have met my friend in such a long time, but because of problems like this. Actually I can't rest quietly because of this problem. I've often regretted my actions, asking myself, ‘Why am I doing something like this?"

After chatting for 2 hours, Taeyong apologized, "At that time I was a person who was not good at expressing myself. I sincerely want to apologize for my inappropriate actions and words. I apologize" and the victim replied, "Work hard for your promotion and take care of your health. From now on I will support you from afar."

SM Entertainment also confirmed about the meeting, "Recently, Taeyong apologized directly to his friend for his words and immature actions when he was in junior high school. His friend has accepted his apology and they parted by supporting each other's future."

"Taeyong also apologized to other friends who he could not contact. Even after this incident, Taeyong will try his best not to forget the past and remain humble while trying to be a better person. Thank you" concluded the agency. (

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