Break Practising When 'Adzan', BTS Reaped Praise from ARMY
As fans know, BTS held a SPEAK YOURSELF concert in Saudi Arabia on Friday (11/10/2019). Since their arrival in the city of Riyadh, BTS was welcomed with luxury like a royal family.

Not only that, RM, V, Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Suga, and Jimin were flooded with praise for having a high tolerance for Muslims. Because, BTS immediately stopped practising before the concert when Adzan.

Before the concert began, ARMY had already gathered at King Fadh International Stadium and listened to BTS who were conducting a rehearsal ahead of the concert. When the call to prayer echoed, the stadium was suddenly quiet because the BTS stopped their rehearsal.

"Wow !! BTS are non-Muslims... Azan should not influence them... They could have continued training by minimizing noise... but they chose to stop training altogether," wrote a netizen.

Other netizens wrote that in addition to stopping rehearsal during Adzan, BTS also seemed to be giving a break during prayer times. ARMY also praised the idol who has high tolerance. Even the ARMY who are Muslims claim to be happy because they are so loved by BTS.

"BTS stopped practicing during Adzan and maybe also during prayer times. They showed that they respected Muslim worship time," said a netizen 

"The Muslim ARMY really feels loved right now because BTS stopped training during Adzan, my heart feels warm. This little thing that shows tolerance and kindness is really meaningful to us," continued the other. (
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