Admits Has Ever Drinking and Smoking While Still Underage, ARIAZ's Jooeun Reap Criticism
One of the ARIAZ's member,  Jooeun has recently become the discussion by Korean netizens. ARIAZ is a rookie girl group made by Rising Star Entertainment, a sub-label of Star Empire agency, which just debuted with the music video 'Moonlight Aria'.

But when they held their debut showcase on Thursday (10/24), reporters asked about the rumor that Jooeun had smoked and drank alcohol when she was a minor.

Responding to that question, Jooeun immediately confirmed it and apologized to everyone. She said, "I am truly sorry and apologetic for my past inappropriate behavior. I will try not to destroy the group and I will try my best to do the right thing. I hope you can support me."
Instead of getting support, she actually get more negative comments from Korean netizens. Like netizens' comments on the Nate website:

"How can they claim bullying at school, I will not give support to this group,"

"So you are a prostitute who raises a middle finger, even smokes and drinks alcohol when underage?"

"Everyone will never change,"

"I never forgot the picture when I held up my middle finger, smoked and spit, hahaha. How dare you pretend to be innocent when you debut?"

"Idols are people who can be used as role models. How can they claim people who have a past like her?"
And many other criticisms. (
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