W Korea Magazine Uploads Beautiful Photos of Song Hye Kyo in Monaco, Netizens Talks About The Make Up
Song Hye Kyo is always selling well as an advertising star. From clothing, cosmetics to food products and jewelery fell in love with the charm of Song Jong Ki's ex-wife who later made her a brand ambassador.

One of them who was captivated by Song Hye Kyo's charm was the Chaumet luxury jewelry brand. Song Hye Kyo also attended the event which was held by Chaumet in Monaco not long ago even though she was still hit by sadness after her divorce.

Recently W Korea magazine released a number of photos of Song Hye Kyo while at a dinner held by Chaumet. In the photo, the 38-year-old actress posed with several important people from the company.

Song Hye Kyo herself looks charming with a silver sleeveless dress she wears. While some of the jewelry she wears to make smokey eyes make her look even more stunning.

But unfortunately there are some netizens who actually see Song Hye Kyo's appearance with smokey eyes looks weird. Some of them even accused Song Hye Kyo wearing smokey eyes to cover her swollen eyes. (www.onkpop.com)
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