BIG BANG Daesung Admit Didn't Know His Own Building Was Made For A Place Of Illegal Business?
BIG BANG's Daesung has recently been hit by unpleasant news in which he allegedly facilitated the practice of prostitution. His building located in the Gangnam area is said to be the place for illegal businesses including prostitution.

Responding to the news, YG Entertainment as Daesung's agency released an official statement. The agency which also oversees iKON stated that Daesung did not know anything about the tenant activities of the building.

But the opposite of YG Entertainment's statement was delivered by the owners of "illegal businesses" operating in Daesung's building. According to him, Daesung knew what had happened to his property.

On Friday (7/26), Channel A interviewed people who claimed to be the owners of night entertainment businesses operating in Daesung's building. "We consider it strange that he claims he doesn't know," he said.

"There are many celebrities who came into contact with Daesung and visited there," he continued. The source added that they had tried to move the location of the business, but Daesung's representative blocked it.

"We will give a statement after we check the facts," said the building's real estate agent. Channel A also reported that if the building had been reported correctly, those who were seen would have to pay far greater taxes. The business itself is currently registered as a restaurant. (

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