Illegal Business in Daesung Building Suddenly Closed After Reported by Media
Illegal business in BIGBANG Daesung building has reportedly closed suddenly. Previously Channel A reported that Daesung's building located in Gangnam was involved in illegal business, which provided alcohol to prostitution services.

Through YG Entertainment, Daesung claimed he did not know and denied his involvement with the illegal business.

Now based on the latest report from Channel A, the business has been closed suddenly. As they convey, "Three floors for the business have been closed. After hearing that there will be a tax audit at their company, as many as two places have closed their businesses."
A representative from Gangnam District Office said, "If they close their business, then we have no right to take action against them. Our administration office cannot stop the closure, and there is nothing we can do after that," he concluded.

Meanwhile, the police said they would immediately investigate Daesung's involvement with an illegal business operating in his building. (
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