Cube Entertainment and Lai Kuanlin Accuse Each Other About the Contract Violation
Cube Entertainment and Lai Kuanlin accused each other of violating their exclusive contract. Responding to Lai Kuanlin attorney's statement regarding breach of contract, Cube Entertianment said, "There are a number of points from Lai Kuanlin attorney's statement that are different from the facts, so we will reveal the truth."

"There is no reason for termination based on our contract with Lai Kuanlin. While serving as Lai Kuanlin's management, we always explain and accept approval before deciding on a schedule or signing a contract. At that time we had received approval from Lai Kuanlin to sign a contract with a third party company in charge of choosing the management that oversees Lai Kuanlin in China. This third party agency then signed a contract with a Chinese company that became Lai Kuanlin's management there."

"However, as Lai Kuanlin now has great success in China, there are individuals who persuade Lai Kuanlin and his family to dispose of our agency and third parties in Korea in order to monopolize Lai Kuanlin's success."

"Lai Kuanlin is still underage, which is 17 years (international calculation). Because we care deeply about the future of Lai Kuanlin and his family, we hope to be able to meet Lai Kuanlin and family to resolve this issue peacefully."

Hearing this statement, Lai Kuanlin's attorney again gave a rebuttal, "Lai Kuanlin had never seen a contract signed by Cube Entertainment with a third party company, so we asked Cube Entertainment to send it to us. But Cube Entertainment said that they cannot send it, and if we want to see it we have to go directly to Cube Entertainment's office."

"In addition, we want to ask what the purpose of Cube's accusation is about someone who instigated Lai Kuanlin and his family. If that is the case, it means that Cube has accused Lai Kuanlin and his family of being solely concerned with money. By saying that, Cube Entertainment seemed want to destroy Lai Kuanlin's image and family, instead of thinking about their future."

"If Cube Entertainment resolves this problem well, we hope they can stop giving such false and evil allegations,"
said Lai Kuanlin representative. (
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