Han Seo Hee reveals that there are other YG artists who use drugs
Han Seo Hee stated that there were other YG Entertainment celebrities who were not yet known to use illegal drugs. On Friday (6/14), Bang Jung Hyun as lawyer Han Seo Hee was invited to the 'Kim Hyun Jung News Show' program on CBS Radio.

When attending the program, Bang Jung Hyun talked about many things about drug cases involving B.I and his client, Han Seo Hee. Bang Jung Hyun then said, "According to Han Seo Hee, there are several other celebrities who also use drugs."

Shocked to hear his statement, Kim Hyun Jung asked, "Is that what she said?" The lawyer again answered, "Yes. However, to be honest, it depends on the testimony, so it's hard for me to say it. As you mentioned, there are many things that we don't know. To make you think that is already overkill."

Bang Jung Hyun also confirmed that Yang Hyun Suk would send his artist to Japan to eliminate traces of drugs in the artist's body. "That's why I thought that they deliberately did not prevent the artist from using drugs. I guess they deliberately used illegal drugs to make it easier to control and manage the artists."

Finally, Bang Jung Hyun again confirmed that Han Seo Hee said that there were other YG Entertainment artists who used illegal drugs other than those that had been revealed to the public.

"Han Seo Hee herself said that. That word came directly from her mouth," said the lawyer. (www.onkpop.com)
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