Admit Using Drugs, Park Yoochun Sued Imprisonment and Fines
Former JYJ member Park Yoochun threatened to get a prison sentence. On Friday (6/14) Park Yoochun underwent the first hearing in the Suwon District Court for drug use cases.

Previously Park Yoochun allegedly used the drug Philopon six times, from September to October 2018, along with his ex-girlfriend Hwang Hana.

In addition Park Yoochun was also arrested on April 26, after allegedly buying 1.5 grams of Philopon with Hwang Hana three times, from February to March 2019.

While undergoing his first trial today, Park Yoochun admitted to all the charges that were dropped on him. The prosecutor then requested that Park Yoochun get a prison sentence of 1 year and 6 months, plus a fine of 1.4 million Won. (
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