Son Seung Won ‘Waikiki’ Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison
Actor Son Seung Won has been sentenced to 18 months in prison. The first season of the 'Waikiki ’drama star was previously involved in driving while intoxicated. 

The incident happened on December 26, 2018 ago, when the car driven by Son Seung Won caused an accident and he tried to run away. At that time his junior actor, Jung Hwi, was also in the car as a passenger. But Son Seung Won had asked Jung Hwi to admit that he was driving the car.

In addition to trying to escape from the crime scene, when examined Son Seung Won is known not to have a driver's license and has an alcohol content of 0.206% in his blood.

Judge Hong Ki Chan has now sentenced Son Seung Won to 18 months in prison. According to the judge, Son Seung Won had committed a serious offense by driving while drunk, not having a driver's license, and trying to escape from the crime scene.

In addition, the judge also said that this was not the first drunk driving case ever experienced by Son Seung Won. (
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