Roy Kim and Eddy Kim Admitted Spread Illegal Photos, Choi Jong Hoon Admits Recording
Roy Kim, Eddy Kim and Choi Jong Hoon have acknowledged allegations that they both helped spread illegal videos and photos. Besides spreading, Choi Jong Hoon also admitted that he had recorded the video taken secretly.

Based on a statement from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Office on Thursday (11/04), Choi Jong Hoon will be forwarded to prosecutors on charges of recording an illegal video and distributing five other videos in the group chat.

Roy Kim and Eddy Kim will also be forwarded to prosecutors for claiming to have participated in distributing illegally taken photos. But both of them denied that they had ever recorded or taken illegal pictures personally.

In addition to the three, a total of five people have also been handed over to public prosecutors, including former Club Arena employees, Kim, who helped record and distribute the illegal videos. (
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