Seungri's Manager Reportedly Involved in Burning Sun Case, Here is YG Entertainment's Comment
YG Entertainment responded to the news that Seungri's manager was also involved in the case of the Burning Sun nightclub. Previously based on the news program 'Newsdesk' report, police found that around 30 million funds from Burning Sun were paid regularly to Seungri managers every month.

This news certainly surprised many fans, considering that Ji's manager was an employee appointed by YG Entertainment's agency.

When confirmed, YG Entertainment stated, "Because we were not involved in Seungri's personal business, we did not know Ji manager's position at Yuri Holdings's company or whether he received a separate payment from Seungri's personal business."

The agency later confirmed that Ji had served as Seungri's manager when he was still working at YG Entertainment and he also got a salary from the agency. But YG Entertainment admitted that he had no idea about the other income he got other than from the agency.

Finally, representatives from the YG Entertainment agency conveyed, "We only found out after it became news." Manager Ji has also left the agency together with the termination of the Seungri contract," he concluded. (
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