Korean Actor with 'Yang' Clan's Was Arrested For Using Drugs
A South Korean actor who the family name is Yang has been arrested for drug use cases. The unknown actor was reportedly caught after using a philopon type drug. Actor Yang was first caught when he hit another car at night because he was driving recklessly.

The police then took a drug test to him and in his blood positively contained an active substance from philopon. The next celebrity who was later arrested for using the drug, besides Hwang Hana and Park Yoochun.

Responding to this report, many of the actors were surnamed Yang, who denied that they were the intended actors. Various actors who have denied are, Yang Se Jong, Yang Dong Geun, Yang Ik Joon, Yang Joo Ho, Yang Hyun Min, and Yang Moon Suk. (www.onkpop.com)
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