Luna f(x) Warns Fans Who Use Her Identity on Social Media
Luna f(x) gives a warning to fans who use her identity on social media. The warning was posted by this SM Entertainment idol through the latest posts on her Instagram account.

She wrote, "I don't know if I have been blocked, but this Facebook account pretending to be Luna. I can't see the account, but when there are other celebrities who ask me whether it's my account or not, I usually say that I do have a Facebook account but it's rarely used."

"I don't know if there are accounts that arrive like this pretending to be Luna and contacting people near me. If the account owner sees this post, please delete the account and never use my identity again! I'm really disappointed,"
she wrote irritably.

Soon after Luna uploaded a screenshot of the Facebook account while writing, "If you see a fake account that uses my identity or you are added as a friend, please report the account! Also, I'm sorry that I should pay more attention to things like this. "

"Thankful, at least I know about this. If you add this account as a friend on Facebook, please report them! I have an official account on Facebook, so you will definitely find it if you are looking for Luna's name on Facebook,"
she said to fans. (

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