BTS Won "2018 Person of the Year" Vote from TIME Magazine
Bangtan Boys won the 'Person of the Year 2018' vote from TIME magazine. In November, Bangtan Boys was announced as one of the nominations in 'Person of the Year 2018'. TIME magazine then held a vote to determine the 'Person of the Year 2018' which was closed on December 6.

Based on the results of the voting, Bangtan Boys ranked first with total votes reaching 9%. Planet Earth was in second place with a voting difference of 0.12%, then cave divers in Thailand were ranked third, and South Korean president, Moon Jae In, ranked fourth.

Since 1927, TIME magazine has always given the title 'Person of the Year' to the most influential people each year.

After weighing the results of the jury's votes and judgments, 'Person of the Year 2018' will only be announced on December 11st. (
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