BTS Obtains Double Platinum Certificate in Japan in Just a Month
Bangtan Boys managed to get a Double Platinum certificate in Japan in a short time. In just one month since it was released on November 7th, now it's a Japanese single 'Fake Love / Airplane Pt. 2' has got a Double Platinum certificate.

The certificate was given by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) to Bangtan Boys, after their single sold more than 500 thousand units.

Bangtan Boys also topped the Oricon chart in Japan right after it was released. Amazingly again, single 'Fake Love / Airplane Pt. 2' sold 327,342 units in just 1 day of release.

Congratulations to Bangtan Boys! You can celebrate by watching the following 'Airplane Pt.2' music video! (
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