BTOB Changsub Announces Retirement as a Singer at ‘MelOn Music Awards 2018’?
BTOB's Changsub comments at the time of receiving the award at 'MelOn Music Awards 2018' were highlighted especially among fans. On December 1, BTOB managed to bring home the ‘MelOn Top 10’ trophy. The personnel were then called on stage to give a short speech.

Changsub who quickly took the microphone immediately said, "I will sing for you until the day when my black hair turns gray."

After saying that, the two personnel next to him, Sungjae and Minhyuk immediately looked shocked and realized the hair color used by Changsub at the time was a whitish color.

When he realized that, Changsub quickly added, "Oh, I already have gray hair ... Then then ..."

Before Changsub continued his speech, Sungjae quickly and jokingly pulled back his colleague and continued with his speech.

Seeing this many netizens are comforted by the BTOB personnel's jokes.  

"Then, is this the last day Changsub is singing to us?", 

"Guys, he just announced his retirement", 

"Thank you for years, Changsub", 

"LOL, very funny" and others. (
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