Upload a Photo with E’Dawn on PENTAGON's Debut Birthday, Hyuna Reaps Fans' Criticism
Hyuna reaped the anger of the fans after uploading a photo of herself with E'Dawn. This fan's anger happened because Hyuna uploaded the photo on Instagram on October 10th. As fans know, PENTAGON debuted with "Gorilla" on October 10, 2016.

Fans also realized that the photo was taken by the two about two weeks ago, so many assumed that this photo was intentionally uploaded by Hyuna on PENTAGON's debut birthday celebration.

Some fans like disappointment comments,

"It's not cool at all. What do they want to be proud of from the photo?"

"They deserve to be excluded from Cube"

"They don't care about PENTAGON and their fans at all"

"Did he deliberately make a problem so that PENTAGON would also be destroyed like that? Why doesn't he just come out without causing more problems"

"Wow, this is not true at all. He must have known that that day was PENTAGON's debut birthday"
and various other negative comments.

Meanwhile, until now there is still no clarity about the fate of Hyuna and E’Dawn's contract with Cube Entertainment's agency.

But previously there were rumors that Hyuna and E'Dawn had decided to leave the Cube Entertainment agency, because previously the agency had planned to get them out of the agency without having to discuss it in advance. (www.onkpop.com)
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