Some Stock Are Purchased by Stick Investment at The Price of 104 Billion Won, Big Hit Slides YG From 'BIG 3'?
Together with the only boy group, Big Hit Entertainment was enough to take attention with various activities in the entertainment industry.
Recently the purchase of 12% of the BTS agency's shares with a price of 104 billion won by private investment company Stick Investments.

With the purchase of these stocks, the agency established by Bang Shi Hyuk is now estimated to have a company value of 870 billion won.

As well known, in Korean entertainment industry we know the term "Big 3" which is created through agencies / labels that have the highest value among other agencies. 

Previously it was stated that JYP had succeeded in breaking down and shifting the first position that had long been maintained by SM, with YG Entertainment lagging far below with a stock value of around 700 billion won.

Big Hit Entertainment has not registered the company to the stock market until now, so it will be difficult to accept if the BTS agency shifts YG from the bottom of the 'Big 3'. But beyond that, the value gained by Big Hit has clearly exceeded the value of YG Entertainment. (
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