The Rose Agency Released an Apology After Controversy Related to SHINee's Jonghyun
Reaping a lot of criticism from netizens, The Rose's agency finally apologized and explained the purpose of using SHINee's Jonghyun photo.

Previously it was mentioned that the music video for "She's in the Rain" which became the title track of the rookie comeback band The Rose reaped controversy because of the use of photos uploaded by the late Jonghyun on his Instagram account.

Because of the problems that arise recently, The Rose's agency intervened by releasing an official statement via The Rose Twitter account.

"We talked about the new music video for The Rose. We consider that it would be better to respond after accurately checking the section using Jonghyun's old Instagram photos in new music videos, so we ask for your understanding in advance about the time taken in the checking process."

"We, J & STAR, are working on this new music video with the production company Beat Logic. We found that problems like this occur when discussing stories and different understandings of songs in the process of producing music videos before filming."

The agency further explained the meaning of the Rose's comeback title track with meaningful words, "She’s in the Rain’ is a song that expresses comfort for those who are tired of loneliness and difficulties in life."

"We, J & STAR, and our artist, The Rose, went to the set without knowing this, and this happened because we didn't know it even until the music video launch day. J & STAR and Beat Logic both have the same position that this is not done with ulterior motives using the pain of certain individuals for business or marketing purposes."

"Regardless of the reason, J & STAR expressed deep apologies to his family and agency, SM Entertainment, and we also expressed sincere apologies to fans who appreciate The Rose and many fans who appreciate the late Jonghyun."

"The agency and production companies are very sorry for not doing a more careful and detailed process. Once again we express sincere apologies to everyone who must have been hurt by this. J & STAR has read the opinions of many people about this situation through several outlets, and we will do our best to prevent further problems and not cause further pain." ,they continued. (
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