Revealed Korean Artists "Obsessed" with Plastic Surgery on Japanese Shows, Kang Han Na Reaped Criticism
Kang Han Na who has long been a career in Japan revealed the facts related to plastic surgery that may have been widely known to the public.

In a show titled 'Tokumori Yoshimoto' which was broadcast on Yomiuri TV, Kang Han Na appeared as one of the guest stars and talked about Koreans, and their obsession with plastic surgery.

"I believe 99 out of 100 Korean celebrities do cosmetic surgery," said Kang Han Na, which later became controversy among South Korean netizens.

"I have many Korean celebrity friends and their faces change every time I meet them. They feel embarrassed when I keep seeing them. But they did not say they did it (cosmetic surgery). They are not too open, but they feel embarrassed when I stare at them," she continued, related to her celebrity colleagues who doing plastic surgery.

Besides talking about her celebrity colleagues, Kang Han Na also told, "The face without cosmetic surgery is very popular. In girl groups, they include member who do not surgery, and that members become popular. She's natural, that's why, and such members have a lot of aegyo."
After her various statements in Japanese program circulated, Kang Han Na was then showered with criticism from South Korean netizens.

"Does she have to do that on a Japanese event? There is no respect for her country,"

"Just go to Japan,"

"So desperate to draw attention that he sold his own country,"

"Even if it's true, why say it in a Japanese event?" and many other criticisms. (
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