Ong Seongwoo Will Debut as An Actor In tvN's New Drama in 2019
One of Wanna One's member, Ong Seongwoo was confirmed for the tvN drama acting debut in 2019. Reporting from the media outlet Star News, Friday (10/19), Ong Seongwoo was cast by the producer to play in the drama as the main character.

The drama that will be played for the first time by Ong Seongwoo is titled '18', which takes the theme of school.

It is still not revealed when the producer or cast will start shooting, but the drama is scheduled to air in July next year. Drama broadcasts are also targeted to be able to accompany fans in the summer of 2019.

While casting for other players is still running, until now only Ong Seongwoo has been confirmed as a drama actor. ( 
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