NCT 127 Release 'Regular’ MV In English Version
NCT 127 has released the 'Regular' music video in English version. Ahead of their comeback, on Tuesday, October 10th,  NCT 127 pre-released the 'Regular' music video in English version.

In the music video we will be presented with a cool performance of NCT 127 members when dancing 'Regular' choreography with the glitter of the city at night.

The song "Regular" contains lyrics about making lots of money in order to live a super-luxurious lifestyle.

Previously, NCT 127 had already performed this 'Regular' song live in celebration of Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday.

Meanwhile, the Korean version of "Regular" and the "Regular-Irregular" album will only be released on October 12.

Just watch the "Regular" music video in the following English version! (

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