JTBC Announces The Conversation Record of CEO Kim Chang Hwan When Threatening Members of The East Light
JTBC exclusively revealed recordings of CEO Kim Chang Hwan's conversation when threatening members of The East Light. The recording was revealed shortly after one of The East Light's member, Lee Seok Cheol, held a press conference.

In the press conference Lee Seok Cheol revealed the atrocities committed by producers and also the CEO of Media Line Entertainment, Kim Chang Hwan. Lee Seok Cheol claimed to have had various physical violence, ranging from being beaten with a baseball bat to being strangled with guitar strings.

After holding the press conference, Lee Seok Cheol was then interviewed by the "News Room" program at JTBC. When interviewed he said, "Violence was not done when we made a big mistake. When I take the tone wrong or can't compensate, he will wrap the guitar string around my neck and make me hard to breath."

Lee Seok Cheol also claimed to be threatened by CEO Kim Chang Hwan when he wanted to reveal the case to the public. In the recording of the telephone conversation revealed by the "News Room" program, the CEO was heard saying,

"Once you trust me for everything, you have to give everything even though I beat you to death. Imagine if you got into the news because of being a victim of violence as a celebrity. You can't go anywhere. And who wants to pick up problem children like you? You can't spread this. You can't. Your mother and father will feel the pain. That will feel 10 times more painful."

But in an official statement from Kim Chang Hwan after the press conference, the CEO said, "I have never been a part of the violence or attack for 30 years. I also never let or order others to commit violence," he said. (www.onkpop.com)

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