DIA's  Chaeyeon Fainted While Heading For a Fan Signing
DIA's Chaeyeon reportedly fainted while going to a fansigning event. According to MBK Entertainment's statement on Saturday (10/20), Chaeyeon fainted on the road while heading to the CANMAKE beauty product fansigning and was taken to the hospital.

"She had a fever due to seasonal changes and also experienced acute digestive disorders. She was resting after being taken to the hospital," the agency explained to fans.

Besides that, Chaeyeon was also confirmed that she could not attend the DEW E DEW E event at Seoul Fashion Week, along with other DIA members on October 20.

"With adequate rest and focus on health, we will do our best so that she can greet fans again in a healthy condition," the agency concluded. Get well soon Chaeyeon! (www.onkpop.com)
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