Is This The Reason TWICE Members Don't Have Solo Ads?
Fans must have been wondering why TWICE members don't have their own solo ads. In addition to cellphone ads starring Tzuyu at the beginning of her debut, until now TWICE members have never starred in solo ads.

A variety of beverage product advertisements, contact lenses, cellphones, and much more are all starring all members of TWCE.

A Korean netizen on Pann site then made a post and said that JYP Entertainment did not intentionally take solo ads for TWICE.

As the netizens wrote, "I think they only get advertising offers for the group, but it turns out their agency does not accept solo ads. Maybe if one of them becomes very famous it will damage the balance of the group."

"Looking at TWICE, it seems like the balance between their members is very fitting. If you ask people to mention their favorite TWICE members, people will definitely give different answers."

"If you watch their stage performances we can see all the members well. Seeing that there are no fans of akgae, it seems the right decision for the agency is not to highlight just one member,"
they wrote.

Responding to these writings many other Korean netizens also feel agreed,

"This is because they learned a lot from Miss A. Learning from the distance of Wonder Girls' comeback that was too long and Miss A who only highlighted one member became their formula when forming TWICE,"

"Antis tried hard to drop TWICE when they didn't have solo ads, even though the agency didn't want to take solo ads, hahaha. They talk without knowing anything, "

"I like how TWICE is very popular and they are very well promoted. With Nayeon as a center, the balance between members is really very good. Their faces are also very beautiful. I can't wait for their comeback, "

"It seems that if they starred too much in the ad they will not be able to get through the 7-year curse," added another.

Do you agree with the opinion of Korean netizens above? (
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