Black Pink's Lisa Cries When Reading A Letter From Jisoo on 'Real Men 300'
Black Pink's Lisa cried when reading a letter from her member Jisoo. In the newest episode of 'Real Men 300', Lisa reads the letter sent by Jisoo to her who is undergoing basic military training.

Even when she hadn't started reading it, Lisa immediately cried and claimed to be touched. With halting, the Black Pink member then began reading Jisoo's letter before the camera.

The contents of the letter read, "Lisa, it must be very difficult and tired of heat, but I think it will be better if you behave the same as when we are with you, you are a vitamin there, loved and give strength to others."

"My little girl, who is always cheerful and excited. Immediately go home so we can eat together, I treat! We will drink lots of soda. I love you, I hope you can come back with a big smile."

After reading the letter, Lisa said, "The reason why I cried when I opened it was because there were photos of us while on vacation in Jeju," she said with tears in her eyes. (

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