Arrested After Sending Sexual Message to Seolhyun, This Man Evidently Have a Mental Disorder
It was only discovered that the perpetrator who sent sexual messages to AOA's Seolhyun have a mental disorder. As previously reported, a man who sent Seolhyun a sexual message was arrested and sentenced.

The judge Son has sentenced the perpetrator to 40 hours of sexual therapy and was prohibited from working around minors for 5 years. Previously it had also been reported that the perpetrator had to undergo a probationary period of 2 years, and if he violated the rules during this period he would be imprisoned for 6 months.

The perpetrator is known to have sent more than 43 DM messages to Seolhyun, including videos that show sexual activity.

But the results of a police investigation found that the man had a schizoaffective disorder. "It seems that the schizoaffective disorder that it experiences has an influence on the deviant actions it does," said the judge. (
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