Almost A Year After Leave TS Ent, Jun Hyosung Officially Sheltered at New Agency
Sexy singer Jun Hyosung officially signed an exclusive contract with Tommy & Partners agency. After deciding to leave TS Entertainment and girl group SECRET in early 2018, Hyosung has now taken shelter in his new agency, Tommy & Partners.

This exciting news was announced directly by the agency on October 29, by saying,

"Recently, Jun Hyosung's exclusive contract with her former agency has been declared invalid. When looking for a new agency to continue the activities in the entertainment industry, she finally signed an exclusive contract with Tommy & Partners."

Again continuing their statement, Tommy & Partners representative praised Hyosung's talent in the entertainment industry,  

"After signing an exclusive contract with us, Jun Hyosung has become part of our family. Jun Hyosung is talented in many fields, including singing, acting, and variety, and we will not hold her completely to support her so she can make a new start. Please show her a lot of love and interest in [her] in the future." (
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