After Left by 'KARA', Heo Young Ji Tells Her Difficulties From Shock to Having Eating Disorders
Heo Young Ji opened up about the difficulties experienced after KARA's member decided to end the contract and left the group.

In SBS Special documentary series "The World That Idols Live In - After The Stage" which aired on October 28, Young Ji appeared as a guest star and told of the difficulties after KARA's disbandment.

In her interview, Young Ji said that she had experienced binge eating, where the disorder that makes a person eat in large portions and cannot control when to stop.

She then revealed the difficulties she faced in the entertainment industry without her sisters in KARA by saying, "Instead of being afraid, I kept thinking," What should I do?" And "What can I do?"

"When I was with [other KARA members], I felt like they were protecting me, and it seemed like I could achieve something. But [without them], I wondered if I would be able to stand on the stage again, and that thought made me very sad."

"For a short period of time after KARA ended, I was in a state of mental shock where I actually had binge-eating disorder. I eat very much. "No matter how much I eat, I don't feel full," she continued.

As you know, Young Ji was a member who just joined KARA in 2014. After two years of career, the group decided to disband in January 2016 and she made her solo debut the following year. (
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