Talk About BTS, From Lipsync To Criticized, Billboard News Call ARMY Excessive?
One of Billboard's YouTube sub-channels, Billboard News received a lot of criticism from some fans after a video that discussed BTS and lipsync offensive.

One of the Billboard News videos hosted by Tetris Kelly discusses the popularity of BTS in America. The video then changed to be controversial because of the sentence the MC said at the end of the video.

In the video, Tetris said, "I want to join the group [BTS]. I don't speak Korean, but I can dance. And I can lipsync very well ... "

The sentence was apparently wrong by some fans who felt unhappy and made many criticisms and negative comments to him.

On September 1st, Billboard News uploaded a new video entitled "BTS BACKLASH: Does Their ARMY Go Too Far?" Weigh In NOW! 'Where Tetris Kelly responded to the comments of some fans who were unhappy with what she said in the previous video.

In the clarification video, Tetris clarified that his words did not lead to accusations that BTS had lipsync, but rather the inability in Korean so that he could dance and lipsync to join BTS. 

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