G-Dragon Receive Many Letters, YG Entertainment Ask the Fans to Stop Sending Him a Letter
Bigbang's G-Dragon is flooded with letters from fans while undergoing military service. Through G-Dragon's official Facebook page, on Saturday (10/03) YG Entertainment's agency made an announcement to the fans.

In the announcement, YG Entertainment explained that G-Dragon is currently flooded with letters from fans. It made the situation on the military base a bit chaotic and G-Dragon became uncomfortable with the other soldiers.
YG Entertainment finally asked the fans to no longer send a letter to the personnel of Big Bang. Here's the full announcement:

"This is an urgent request from YG Entertainment to all G-Dragon fans.

On February 27th, as a South Korean society, G-Dragon commenced his military service. Thank you for all your warm support, he has been practicing well. Due to the number of letters, G-Dragon was involved in an awkward situation inside his unit, so we wanted to express a request.

The email account of the military training center has been flooded with letters addressed to G-Dragon, to the point of disrupting the operation of the unit. The unit prints emails for distribution to soldiers, but A4 paper and printer ink are running low. Because of overload, this unit is having problems, making it difficult for other soldiers to receive their mail.

G-Dragon feels guilty about his comrades, and he feels more regret for not being able to read all the messages that have been sent to him.

While in a new environment, G-Dragon thanks his fans and feels the power of their support. However, in order for G-Dragon's life in his training center to run smoothly, we will be very grateful if fans can refrain from sending a letter to him.

Thanks for reading to the end,"
wrote the agency. (www.onkpop.com)
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