Accused of Giving Sympathy to Jo Min Ki, Yoo Ah In Reaped Criticism
Actor Yoo Ah In is reaping controversy because of his post on Instagram account. On Friday (09/03) yesterday Yoo Ah In uploaded a video showing the witch burning scene from the movie 'Elizabeth'. Witch hunt, is a term usually used to describe a large group of people who target or blame certain individuals for reasons and unclear evidence. 

Since the video was uploaded on the day of the death of actor Jo Min Ki, many of the netizens who accused Yoo Ah In have given his sympathy to the perpetrators of sexual harassment.

Despite the controversy, Yoo Ah In did not give any explanation or even remove the video. He has also closed comment fields on the controversial video post. Various comments on Korean netizens criticism on Nate's website,

"No one cares about him if he says nothing,"

"It turns out that the reason for being expelled from conscription is because of mental problems,"

"Does he feel sorry for the perpetrators of sexual harassment?"

"There have been many victims who cast their votes and even revealed their faces and identities. But he still considers it a 'witch hunt'? Ah In, you better keep your mouth shut and go to conscription,"

"It seems like he is happy to make trouble"
criticized netizens. (
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