Too Excited When Winning Daesang, RM BTS Apologize
Bangtan Boys' RM becames netizen spotlight for his stirring reaction to get Daesang at the 32nd 'Golden Disc Awards'. In the recording video captured by fans, the leader and rapper of Bangtan Boys showed a splashy reaction when Bangtan Boys was announced as the winner of Daesang on the second night of the awards show.

At that moment he was seen sitting in his chair covering his face, and when the name of Bangtan Boys was announced he immediately stood up to make the chair he sat down. This instantly reap a lot of reactions from netizens, especially the fans of Bangtan Boys, who laugh with the act of the leader. 

Moreover, RM is known as a member of Bangtan Boys who by accident often damage the goods around him. Because he felt the reaction was too excited, in the show V Live RM admitted he had apologized to other artists when backstage. He worried that his actions could make them feel uncomfortable.

Responding to RM's exclamation reaction when winning Daesang, netizens at the Pann site commented,

"RM said when backstage he apologized for fear of making others feel uncomfortable, hahaha. He really jumped hard, "

"Namjoon, hahaha. Because his body is large, he does not realize often damage the goods around him. He even often said that he would be more careful again. See how happy he is, hahaha, "

"Oh this is what Namjoon said in V Live. He was too happy to jump out of control and he had apologized to the man behind him, "

"Does he have springs on his body, hahaha. He has apologized to another singer backstage, I think this is what he means, "

"Really a damn chair. Thank you NU'EST who has fixed the chair when Bangtan Boys is hugging, " another comment. (

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